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German Candies

Germans are one of the best sweets makers 🇩🇪 They’ve got so much to try 😱 Stop by to try it, and we will keep bringing more and more new stuff 😋

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Ice Cream

The best way to enjoy a hot day at the beach is to enjoy it with our cold ice cream 😋

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We import the finest deli sausages, salami and meats. Don’t miss out 😉

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Can’t survive without sweets? 🍫 🍰🍭🍪🍯 We’ve you covered! Candies will come in all shapes and sizes. You got to try a real european chocolate!

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We couldn’t be a gourmet store without caviar 😅 By the way, a lot of smoked fish has arrived. Cold smoked salmon, steelhead and mackerel, as well as hot smoked paddlefish and mackerel. Come give it a try!

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There are countless number of a dairy products in this world. Isn’t it awesome that you don’t need to travel overseas to try it? Rich source of protein, calcium and most important - top quality guarantee!